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Top Ten Reasons To Xeriscape Your Home

10. Save time - Grass will need mowing once every week or two. Fertilizing should be done monthly. Mowers, weed whackers, and irrigation require maintenance. Dethatching and aerating are also needed periodically. Overseeding is very time intensive. Don't forget to add weed, disease and pest control to your schedule.

9. Save water - Bermuda and ryegrass require about 60 inches of water each year, but we average only 20.8 inches of rainfall each year. Typically, the additional water gets applied with above ground sprinkler systems that are often inefficient, prone to vandalism, and mismanaged. Getting ryegrass seed to germinate requires watering three times a day or more, and water suppliers always notice spikes in water usage during the months of October and November when winter rye is planted. In comparison, a Xeriscape uses one-half to two-thirds LESS water than a lawn.

8. Preserve water quality & save energy - Less or even no fertilizers and pesticides are needed with Xeriscape. Much of our water pollution comes from runoff of these products from urban landscapes. Xeriscapes also provide great energy saving benefits. A lawn has been shown to reduce home cooling requirements as much as 4 percent compared to a home with no vegetation cover. However, a Xeriscape with good tree, shrub and vine placement can cut cooling costs up to 46 percent.

7. Save money - Save on the cost of water, fertilizer, mowing, seed, and labor. Other costs that often aren't considered include water damage to walls, private streets, and mower damage to trees or the irrigation system. Homeowners may see additional savings in their wastewater charges since those are based on total water usage. Additional savings can come from the lower energy bills when plants are placed strategically around buildings.

6. Save landfill space - Grass clippings create a great deal of waste for the landfills. When ryegrass is seeded, the summer lawn is scalped creating a large amount of initial waste, and mower clippings continue through winter and spring.

5. Save the air - Two-cycle engines such as gas powered mowers, blowers and weed trimmers contribute to our air pollution problems. Additionally, the scalping process used during overseeding releases dust and other particles into the air.

4. Decrease noise pollution - Mowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers have become a major source of background noise in many neighborhoods. The drone of lawn equipment contributes to an already noisy world.

3. Set an example - One good conversion begets another... you'll by surprised by the inspiration you can provide to your neighbors. If you look to the future and respect our environment, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to using our natural resources wisely.

2. Save frustration - Common problems include fertilizer issues, dead spots caused by diseases, and constant upkeep and maintenance of irrigation, especially when vandalism or mower damage is common. Plus, you'll be mowing during the hottest part of summer when Bermuda grows best.
And the number one reason to convert from lawn to Xeriscape ...

1. No more mowing - This is your chance ... how many parts of the country are there where you can totally get away with not having a lawn?!

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