The above letters from the USS UTAH BB 31/AG 16 liberty boat were salvaged on December 8th 1941, an identical set was given to the son and daughter as souvenirs by the sailor who salvaged them. The son put his copy in storage in Washington State and failed to pay the storage bill and the set was lost. The above set was in the possession of the daughter, a Woodland California resident that had recently passed away. It was the wish of her husband that I take possession of them and "do the right thing" in the Spring of 2003.

The "Letters" will be presented at the USS UTAH Memorial on 6 December 2004 at 1500 hours by Christian De Knikker (13), Star Boy Scout - Woodland Reveille Lions Troop 512, Jordan De Knikker (10), Tenderfoot Boy Scout - Woodland Reveille Lions Troop 512 and James B. Taylor -CPO USN (Ret), Programs Director. At this time the ownership of the artifact will be officially transferred to the United States Department of the Interior - National Park Service to Ranger Marshall D. Owens, Curator and put on display at the USS Arizona Memorial,1  Arizona Memorial Place, Honolulu HI 96818 for everyone to see.

6 December 2004 - 1500 hrs at the USS UTAH Memorial at Ford Island NAS, Pearl Harbor Hawaii


(L to R) Cal De Knikker with sons Jordan and Christian. Boys present artifact to Jim  Taylor.


Jim Taylor receives artifact in preparation to present to National Parks Department.



Jim Taylor makes presentation to Park Ranger Marshall Owens, Curator of the USS Arizona Museum.

Mary Kreigh, Public Relations for USS UTAH Association, Gil Meyer USS UTAH Survivor, Jim Taylor, Programs Director USS UTAH, Ranger Marshall Owens, Curator USS Arizona Museum, Christian De Knikker, Star Scout, Christine De Knikker, Scout Mom, Jordan De Knikker Tenderfoot Scout, Cal De Knikker, Scout Dad.


After the Plaque Presentation and Internment at the USS UTAH on the 6th and the Internment of a Pearl Harbor Survivor at the USS Arizona on the 7th of December 2004 the Boy Scouts of Reveille Lions Troop 512, Woodland, California met with the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii the Honorable James R. "Duke" Aiona, Jr., the Lieutenant Governor was "Acting Governor" while Governor Linda Lingle was in San Diego California for the Western Governor's Conference.  The De Knikker Ohana was warmly received by the Lieutenant Governor and his staff at the Capitol Building. (L to R) Christian James De Knikker, Lieutenant Governor Aiona, Jordan Daniel De Knikker, Christine L. De Knikker and Calvin A. De Knikker. For more information log onto .

Our friend Jim Taylor (center) with the assistance of United States Navy-Pearl Harbor personnel render the final wishes of a sailor, to be with his shipmates on the USS UTAH BB 31/AG 16


USN Rifle Detail -USS UTAH


USN Rifle Detail - USS UTAH



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